Curlie's Face Art Offers Multiple Services

  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Airbrush
  • Glitter Tattoos

The Finest Face Painting in Michigan

Curlie's face painting is beautifully creative and is sure to turn your child's Fantasies Into Reality!

Our designs are always hand painted, and on average take between three and seven minutes for completion. We offer hundreds of designs and can cater our menu to meet your exact needs; whether you have time for full face designs or need quick designs.

Do you need some options? We have them! We happily offer both full and half faces, along with our quick eye designs & cute Cheek Art.

We have something for everyone. At Curlie's... You Provide the Faces, and We Provide The Smiles!

Our Balloons Will Make Your Party Pop!

Our balloon twisters can make many different designs from your basic swords to complicated cartoon characters or centerpiece table top designs for that special event.

The type of designs offered depends on several factors. This includes the number of children, how many hours you are looking to book for, the number of entertainers you want and the type of designs you are interested in.

Some days they want big stuff, some days they want small. Our goal, more than anything, is to make them smile with a great balloon that they really enjoy playing with.

Awesome Airbrushing for Any Event

Airbrush Painting is ideal for all events, large and small. Not only is it perfect in all types of whether, but the amount of time it takes to create one design allows for more people to be painted in less time than is possible with either Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos.

Just like with our Glitter Tattoos, if you have a theme for your event and give us adequate notice, we can order stencils to match. We can also have custom stencils made if you need.

As with all our services, we have multiple talented artists to serve you. Airbrush Painting is a very quick and beautiful way to add an artistic touch to your event.

Glitter Tattoos That Sparkle for Days

Our Glitter Tattoos are a beautiful way to add some sparkle to any festive occasion. They are the perfect addition to any event, especially during summer months when it's warm out, and of course they work perfectly for Pool Parties when face painting doesn't make sense.

Glitter Tattoos are applied with professional stencils, cosmetic body glue and of course the super sparkly cosmetic grade glitter.

Just like with our face painting, we have a very wide variety of choices for you to choose from; or if you have a theme for your event we can order stencils to match.

We can even have stencils created specifically for your event. This option is a perfect fit if you have a company logo you want to see sparkle, or just want something unique to your event.

With custom creations there is a nominal fee charged by the manufacturer. The creation charge ranges from $15 to $25. Unlike with non-custom stencils, we do charge for the stencils you want ordered as we will not be able to use them for other events in the future.

Zombie Face Painting Dalmation Face Painting Pink & Purple Princess Face Painting Skull Face Painting