Curlie's Face Art Picture Galleries

With all these services we have lots of pictures to look at, however this is just a small sampling of what we can really do! Check out our Facebook business page to see our newest designs! We are always adding new pictures, so come back often.

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  • Face Paint 2
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  • Balloons 1
  • Balloons 2
  • Airbrush
  • Glitter Tattoos

Quick Eye Design Face Painting Gallery

Our Quick Eye Face Painting Designs are perfect for when you want something smaller, or have a lot of children to paint. These designs have rapidly become our most popular choice, as they can easily be paired with Balloon Twisting in a two hour package.

Lime Eye Face PaintingBlue Princess Eye Face PaintingRed Monster Horn Eye Face PaintingPurple Eye Face PaintingTyson Eye Face PaintingFlutter Eye Face PaintingRed Angry Bird Eye Face PaintingPurple Passion Eye Face PaintingBlue Teardrop Eye Face Painting

Half Face Design Face Painting Gallery

Here are some of our Half Face Painting Designs. These take a little longer than the face painting in the first gallery, but when your focus is more on the painting you can't go wrong.

Split Cheetah Face PaintingPink Princess Face PaintingBatman Face PaintingLuigi Face PaintingBlue Kitty Face PaintingTropical Island Face PaintingBlue Princess Face PaintingHulk Face PaintingBlue Dutchess Face Painting

Full Face Design Face Painting Gallery

These are our favorite designs; Full Faces! When the children truly want to be transformed into something else you can't go wrong with full faces. These designs tend to take a bit longer due to the size and detail involved, but the reactions we get when people see themselves in the mirror is absolutely priceless.

Cheetah Butterfly Face PaintingSpiderman Face PaintingAvatar Face PaintingDragon Face PaintingTropical Butterfly Face PaintingTiger Face PaintingHusky Face PaintingLion Face PaintingPrincess Kitty Face Painting

Balloon Twisting Gallery 1

Balloon Twisting is a great way to add some fun to a party. Whether you are getting balloon twisting by itself or pairing it with another service, children of all ages have a blast watching us make animals, wands, hats and more.

Flower Arangement Balloon TwistingChimp Balloon TwistingDinosaur Balloon TwistingFish Balloon TwistingHeart Headband Balloon TwistingHeart Wand Balloon TwistingPurse Balloon TwistingSpiderman Hat Balloon TwistingTurtle Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting Gallery 2

The more complicated a balloon design is, the longer it takes to make. We have Balloon Art that takes anywhere from a minute to an hour to twist, and customize our menu to each party. This allows us to meet each of our clients individual needs.

Bumble Bee Balloon TwistingBunny and Flowers Balloon TwistingButterfly Balloon TwistingCars Bracelet Balloon TwistingDouble Heart Wand Balloon TwistingDragonfly  Balloon TwistingFlower Headband Balloon TwistingHello Kitty Ring Balloon TwistingLadybug Balloon Twisting

Airbrush Tattoo Painting Gallery

Airbrush Painting is Curlie's newest service. It's quick to apply, striking to look at, and can last for up to a week, depending on the colors used and how the client cares for it afterward.

Dragon Airbrush TattooCherry Airbrush TattooChinese Symbol Airbrush TattooHeart Airbrush TattooJesus Fish Airbrush TattooPeace Sign Airbrush TattooLIttle Dragon Airbrush TattooBack Stamp Airbrush TattooStar Airbrush Tattoo

Glitter Tattoo Gallery

Glitter Tattoos are a great way to add some sparkle to your party; especially pool parties as they are water resistant. Glitter Tattoos last for about 3 days on average, depending on the colors, location placed and care afterward. They are particularly popular with older children and teenagers. Just like with all our other services, we have a large variety to choose from.

Peace Sign Heart Glitter TattooCherry Glitter TattooDolphin Glitter TattooPunisher Skull Glitter TattooDIVA Stamp Glitter TattooRed Dragon Glitter TattooLadybug Glitter TattooBlack Spider Glitter TattooGreen Scorpion Glitter Tattoo


Flowery Butterfly Face Painting Iron Man Face Painting Purple Princess Eye Face Painting Orange Tiger Face Painting